In a recent judgment, the no. 13090 of 25 May 2013, the Supreme Court again addressed the issue of brand awareness and related environmental protection.

The dispute between the company Barbour, which produces and sells clothing, and a company that produces stationery and leather goods, is related to the request by the inhibition of the first use of the mark "Barbour" to the second, in order to avoid forms of commercial parasitism.

The Supreme Court on the point was very clear and decisive, "in connection with any trademarks so-called" famous "- to which the public relates not only a product, but a product of" satisfactory "and thus guarantee a success of the product in apart from its intrinsic qualities - account should be taken of the danger of confusion in which the average consumer can fall attributing the trade mark proprietor also celebrated the manufacture of other products, not relevantly far below the plane sector and not characterized - by itself - from high specialization, so that the less well-known product takes advantage of the well-known and his sign. "

In this way, the Barbour has been recognized the exclusive use of its brand because now become notorious.

Extremely clear and effective rules on the use of the contents of TV broadcasters from portals like Youtube are still there, so the issue of the protection of the production of original works television is still topical.

Do you know anything Mediaset, whose chairman, at the College of Members of the Association of European commercial television in Brussels, insisted that "operators overseas exploit the contents of others" and that this causes great loss of earnings.

Just this week in Rome is being held, the proceedings brought by Mediaset against Google (owner of YouTube) for illegal exploitation and dissemination of audio-video files of the Group, whose compensation was required of € 500 million.

(ATTENZIONE: tradotto con Google) The entrance of Croatia to Europe has been hailed as a great event for all EU countries, but it is not excluded that this calming of the dispute relating to the use of the word "Prosecco".

As is known from 2009, Italy boasts the trademark Doc "Prosecco", but also in Croatia existed for many years a wine, dessert for after the meal, called "Prosheck."

In this regard, the query is already taken Commisisone EU called upon to take care of each other.

(ATTENZIONE: tradotto con Google) The issue of the use of the form of advertising called Google "AdWords" (the system allows those who want to advertise to buy words that once sought by the user to enable the Google site owned by whoever buys the words to come out on the first page ) over time has given rise to many legal disputes, many of which have not yet been concluded.

However, the decision in late April of the Milan Court has made it clear as in the case in which words are acquired corresponding to trade marks of third parties, Google shall not be held responsible because the service fee of the latter does not exempt the owner from compliance of industrial property rights.

In the opinion of the Court, the proper use of the AdWords service avoids the unlawful use of the distinctive emblem of the competitor to seek business.